it’s sad to see it get old and rusty :(

that is so fucking creative…i never really realized they did that


My childhood :(

Those movies just got darker and darker.

the one thing i love about this post is how no one even had to say what movie these are from.. every one just ….. knew.




It doesn’t need to be said.

look how happy and bright it used to be.

dundun duh dundun dun DUN DUUUUUUUUUUUUN

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We don’t control you but.. Ross’s related A&A tweets. When he tweeted the first I was like: Is this real life? (Good joke to Calum anyway) When he tweeted the second I was like: No,he must be ill. Anyway,I’m not happy about it. I mean,I am but I’m upset too. Sweetie,you don’t have to tweet about Austin & Ally just because you feel guilty or bad,which you probably are,since you surely read all of those complaints and I know you always check your mentions even if you don’t answer to everyone but honestly who could? Some tweets are rude I admit and sometimes I get pissed when people just complain about you without ever saying something nice about you. You are probably trying to make us forgive you,but this time…weeeell it’s not really easy. At least not for me. I’ve been thinking about all of these things for a while now. I get it,you’re busy and everything but that’s not a good excuse. Not anymore. The others find time for it,why don’t you? I always defend you as much as I can when people hate on you for stupid reasons,but this time I won’t sorry. Why are you not proud of it like Laura,Raini or Calum? Why don’t you just enjoy it like them? Why don’t you have fun like when you are with R5? Okay it’s your family but…it’s not that hard! You are making it hard! Even in the interviews,you’re always like annoyed and you never stop saying “Oh yeah that’s cool.” .-. Sometimes I think you don’t even enjoy staying with the cast,at events ecc using like fake smiles or anything like that. You are a nice guy I know it,so I don’t wanna believe in these things. You should be more grateful! I understand you have to promote your band,and TBM more now,but at least live tweet some episodes to show people who don’t know that YOU ARE THE MAIN CHARACTER on that. Reply to Laura,Raini and Calum! I know that you don’t actually reply to none of your friends but…. it’s not hard to find some time to do it. Only talking about R5 it’s kinda annoying even if that’s what you do,(and you know how much I love R5 but I discover them with guess what? Austin & Ally!),just like those TBM promotions that are all pushed by Disney too. To me it’s like you read our tweets and stuffs complaining about your lack of attention for A&A so you decide to tweet about it. How about NO. Dear boy,it’s too late. A&A was on SUNDAY. Tweet that on SUNDAY. It’s so clear you did that just to please us. I don’t know if I should give you an huge for that cause maybe you finally understand A&A is important to us and to you or punch you cause I’m pissed for your behavior. Sorry,but that’s not enough. Actually it doesn’t make even sense. It’s not like you’re pressured or anything. You have to tweet it cause you want it,not because you think you should do it. It’s like you can’t wait to leave the show and this hurts cause I already see how much Laura,Calum and Raini will be when it ends. We’re not forcing you to do that,we’re just saying that you never pay attention to the show and the people that gave you all the fame. That’s it. You made me even think for a second that Raura is wrong,cause you don’t seem to deserve someone wonderful like Laura. I don’t know why,but Teen Beach Movie was an huge mistake for you. (Not because of Maia. I like her,I watch the Fosters too.I just hate Raia.) I’ve never had the intention to watch it,and never will. It just looks stupid to me. You really think I’m going to buy that soundtrack? Pffff. Sorry If I turn bad now,hoping that this movie was an HUGE FLOP. You don’t need it to become more popular than you are,which I think it’ll be bad for you,cause fame changes everyone even sweet person like you,if it hasn’t already done it,you R5 and oh guess what? AUSTIN & ALLY. YEAH YOU KNOW,THAT VERY POPULAR AND LOVED DISNEY CHANNEL SHOW YOU STAR IN IT. And I will happy if TBM is a flop! I DON’T FUCKING WANT A SEQUEL! IT’S NOT LIKE HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL DAMN. If during the premiere(which I hope Laura goes to with you) you’re gonna live tweet Teen Beach movie or something I swear…I’m never gonna forgive you. Never. I’m not used to take these things seriously but for this time I will. I wish tbm never existed,like really. I understand. It’s your first movie and I’m proud of you but.. Even your family is in love with TBM (or at least is what they say). NO JUST NO. It makes me sick. Everyone,even Stormie has forgotten about A&A. Everyone was all excited before…now it’s like it doesn’t even exists. I wonder how the writers and A&A crew feel about him. Are you aware that you are on it and you have to shoot another season,aren’t you? Cause you didn’t even tweet about this and don’t even seem excited like the others,as always. That’s why I’m afraid of something. Since Season 3 has been announced,I’ve always been convinced that there would have been a season 4 too,since every successful Disney Channel show has at least 4 seasons. But I’m really scared of the idea that Ross may refuse to do it,cause at this point I really think is justing using it to promote R5. Your “Austin & Ally family” is not really important for you that’s what I’m getting. Cause your music career is more important and bla bla bla. And everyone will feel bad,really bad,more than you right now,cause people love Austin & Ally. “THE HIGHEST RATED KIDS SHOW,NUMBER 1 IN MAY ECC ECC ECC” AND THE BEST ON DC NOW LET ME ADD. Now that I said all of these things and they are A LOT,I need to calm down. Like really. I maybe could have repeated something in this text but oh well… I’m so pissed like never before sorry,I’m sad. Maybe after all of this TBM and with season 3 starting and new season 2 episodes (Ross did you miss you cast? Naaah),I will regret all these bad things I told him,cause I somewhat feel bad for him,but we’ll see. Bye.

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